Reading Together® at Rai Valley Area School

The Marlborough Express has published an article (on 24 June 2015) titled 'Rai Valley Area School launches Reading Together programme', available here. Excerpts follow:

The important thing to realise here, of course, is that teaching and learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. It happens at home too. In fact research shows that learning works best when both the classroom and home work together.

Rai Valley Area School has launched an initiative to drive this very idea. It is called Reading Together®.

It is a research-based programme where parents, teachers and librarians gather to help develop students' reading skills, promote the joy of reading, and help foster parent-child learning relationships.

The programme comprises four cost-free workshops and has been running since May with good turnout and support from the local community.

One parent commented on how her daughter "now has awesome self-correcting and great reading".

Senior primary teacher, Annelies Bierings, and new entrance teacher, Angela Radcliffe, who organised and run the programme, have been thrilled with the participation and results so far.

School principal Angela Sloane, says: "It has been a great success empowering parents to help their children."

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Posted: Friday 26 June 2015