Reading Together® at Reefton Area School

The following comments regarding the Reading Together® programme at Reefton Area School are sourced from the 14 June 2019 School Newsletter, available here:

On Monday afternoons we have had the Reading Together® programme happening. We have been really rapt with the way the ideas in the programme have been adopted. Strategies to support readers at the early stage of their reading journey are unpacked. A big thanks to the parents and caregivers who have taken part and to Sue for running the sessions. We know that everyone has enjoyed them.


The following comments regarding Reading Together® at Reefton Area School are sourced from here:

Here is a comment from one of our own parents who has attended the workshops, "This is a fantastic course which I have found extremely helpful. It made reading an enjoyable experience for both my child and myself. I highly recommend, if you have the time, that you participate in this course." Toni Bell
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Posted: Monday 5 August 2019