Reading Together® at Riccarton Primary School

Riccarton Primary School first implemented the Reading Together® programme several years ago.

In late 2020, a series of Reading Together® workshops was completed, with the following (7 December) comments made on the Riccarton Primary School Facebook page:

Over the last month, one of our Learning Assistants Seth Tio has been running a Reading Together® programme for Filipino families from our School and Riccarton High School. She was supported by Anglea Bland who is head of ESOL at Riccarton High! On Saturday there was a graduation from the programme. Here are some pictures! Well done to all those involved!
Note: Photos available here.


In August 2019, a series of Reading Together® workshops began, with the Principal of Riccarton Primary commenting (on 28 August, source available here):

Our Reading Together® programme has started with around ten families attending. This is a programme that gives tips and advice to parents about how to encourage reading and the love of books in your whānau.

Comments from the Reading Together® Workshop Leader (on 28 August 2019, sourced from here):

It was great to see a number of parents at the Reading Together® evening on Wednesday. This programme offers an excellent opportunity for whānau to look at ways to foster a love of reading while supporting your child to read at home.
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Posted: Monday 4 January 2021