Reading Together® at Shirley Primary School

The following information from Shirley Primary School is sourced from the School Newsletter Term 2 Week 4 2023:

Message from the Tumuaki
Alistair Sim — May 18, 2023

We have recently started the Reading Together® programme which is being led by Mrs Marsh and Mrs Meyrick. This programme is another initiative we have introduced ... to raise reading achievement in a significant and sustained manner. We have been delighted by the number of parents who are involved in this programme.


Feedback from parents participating in the Reading Together® programme at Shirley Primary in 2014:

1. Looking back over the workshops, what do you think are the most important things you have learned about helping your child(ren) about reading?

  • Staying calm, allowing the time, making it fun
  • Having the patience to help him. Slow down
  • It’s ok to take time with them and that reading is very hard. Make it fun. And mistakes are OK. Allowing time.
  • Making it fun, stay calm and patient. Allowing for time
  • Making it fun, patience, allowing the time

2. What difference did your help make for your child(ren)?

  • More enjoyable. Keeping up with the routine of reading.
  • He’s starting to go back a page if he didn’t recognise it.
  • Made it more enjoyable and he is loving reading.
  • Confident, independent reading, forming routines
  • Confidence.

3. What did you find was the hardest part in helping your child(ren)?

  • Right at the beginning getting into the routine of reading
  • Having to get him to slow down and not make up his own words
  • Being patient and engaging H. into reading
  • Keeping him focused on the book
  • Patience, not telling the word straight away

4. Has the programme helped your child (ren) and your family in other ways?

  • Providing the reading material to encourage kids
  • Slowly. But these lovely books you have given our kids will help them learn the best they can.
  • Yes, we have taken more time to read, made it fun. And my son now loves books! The packs we have been given are amazing. Reading materials are important and helpful.
  • Forming routines and Reading Together has provided reading materials that my boy will love.
  • Receiving the book packages. Enjoying reading now.

5. Are there any other comments you would like to add?

  • Awesome programme to encourage kids with reading and also supporting parents and caregivers.
  • Just that helping K. to work the best he can, in his own time and not rush him.
  • Thank you Lizzy.
  • Thank you so much a really informative and enjoyable course.
  • Reading Together is a helpful program.

Acknowledgement: Our thanks to Elisabeth McMillan at Shirley Primary for sharing this feedback.

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Posted: Wednesday 14 June 2023