Reading Together® at Shirley Primary School

Shirley Primary School is implementing the Reading Together® programme in Term 2 of 2024, as mentioned here.


The following information from Shirley Primary School is sourced from the School Newsletter Term 2 Week 4 2023:

Message from the Tumuaki
Alistair Sim — 18 May, 2023

We have recently started the Reading Together® programme which is being led by Mrs Marsh and Mrs Meyrick. This programme is another initiative we have introduced ... to raise reading achievement in a significant and sustained manner. We have been delighted by the number of parents who are involved in this programme.

The following information is sourced from the Shirley Primary School Newsletter Term 2 Week 8 2023 (with a photo available):

Reading Together® Te Pānui Ngātahi
Jo Meyrick — 13 June, 2023

Supporting children to love books and reading.

Reading Together® is a research-based workshop programme for parents, children and teachers. It helps parents to support their children's reading at home more effectively.

The programme also supports children's affective and social development, enhances relationships between children and parents, and parents and teachers.

A huge thanks to Mrs Erin Marsh who facilitated these workshops and to the parents who attended some or all of the sessions. There was such great feedback about what they can do to support their children with reading at home.

We are hoping to offer these sessions again soon.


Feedback from parents participating in the Reading Together® programme at Shirley Primary in 2014:

1. Looking back over the workshops, what do you think are the most important things you have learned about helping your child(ren) about reading?

  • Staying calm, allowing the time, making it fun
  • Having the patience to help him. Slow down
  • It’s ok to take time with them and that reading is very hard. Make it fun. And mistakes are OK. Allowing time.
  • Making it fun, stay calm and patient. Allowing for time
  • Making it fun, patience, allowing the time

2. What difference did your help make for your child(ren)?

  • More enjoyable. Keeping up with the routine of reading.
  • He’s starting to go back a page if he didn’t recognise it.
  • Made it more enjoyable and he is loving reading.
  • Confident, independent reading, forming routines
  • Confidence.

3. What did you find was the hardest part in helping your child(ren)?

  • Right at the beginning getting into the routine of reading
  • Having to get him to slow down and not make up his own words
  • Being patient and engaging H. into reading
  • Keeping him focused on the book
  • Patience, not telling the word straight away

4. Has the programme helped your child (ren) and your family in other ways?

  • Providing the reading material to encourage kids
  • Slowly. But these lovely books you have given our kids will help them learn the best they can.
  • Yes, we have taken more time to read, made it fun. And my son now loves books! The packs we have been given are amazing. Reading materials are important and helpful.
  • Forming routines and Reading Together has provided reading materials that my boy will love.
  • Receiving the book packages. Enjoying reading now.

5. Are there any other comments you would like to add?

  • Awesome programme to encourage kids with reading and also supporting parents and caregivers.
  • Just that helping K. to work the best he can, in his own time and not rush him.
  • Thank you Lizzy.
  • Thank you so much a really informative and enjoyable course.
  • Reading Together is a helpful program.

Acknowledgement: Our thanks to Elisabeth McMillan at Shirley Primary for sharing this feedback.

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Posted: Thursday 2 May 2024