Reading Together® at Somerset Crescent School

The following 20 August 2020 comments are from the Palmerston North Pacific Reading Together® Facebook page here:

Reading Together® Programme 2020
Starting Wednesday 26th August at Somerset Crescent School Hall...
Our Reading Together® programme facilitator is by a Registered Teacher: Ruth Alefaio (Primary).

The following 25 August 2020 comments are from the Somerset Crescent School Facebook page here:

Pasifika teachers including Mrs Alefaio from Somerset Crescent School are inviting you to come along to SHARE, LEARN and WORK with our whānau in supporting their reading at home.
There will be refreshment, resources and space provided for all our tamariki at Somerset Crescent School. Bring all your whānau along even grandma and grandpa. Looking forward to seeing you all there tonight.

Further comments encouraging participation in the subsequent Reading Together® workshops are available here, and also here. For instance:

Come along, collect your FREE reading resource and PRIZES 🎁🎈🎉. Also, come along and share in a meal. 📗📕📒📓🤓📰😀📙🕵️

Note: Photos and the following 23 September 2020 comments are available on the Palmerston North Pacific Reading Together® Facebook page here:

Kia ora, Talofa Lava, Bula Vinaka, Malo e Lelei, Fakalofa lahi atu, Nihao, Namaste, Kia Orana and warm Pacific greetings to you all.
We encourage you to keep reading with your whānau :)
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Posted: Wednesday 23 September 2020