Reading Together® at South Hornby School

The following 17 April 2023 comments about Reading Together® are sourced from the South Hornby School Facebook page:

Do you have children in years 1-4 at South Hornby School? If you do, please read about this awesome opportunity.

South Hornby School has been given the opportunity to run workshops for whānau on how to support your child with reading at home. The programme is called Reading Together®. The Ministry of Education has provided us with the opportunity to run this through our school. The programme involves two of our staff leading you through four workshops. They will be held in the staff room of South Hornby school.

There are only ten spaces available, if you would like to be part of this amazing opportunity, please email our Learning Support Coordinator... You MUST be able to attend ALL four workshops.

There is NO cost to you but you will get huge value out of it and it will REALLY help your children to become much better readers. In particular, it helps children to understand what they are reading. Light refreshments will be provided and a children's book at the completion of the four workshops will be yours to keep.

The following 26 April 2023 comments are sourced from the South Hornby School Facebook page:

Reading Together® course for whānau update. Thanks to everyone who has contacted us, we are looking forward to meeting you and working with you. ... We appreciate you giving up your time to attend these workshops and in return you will receive a small koha to acknowledge participation in all 4 workshops.
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Posted: Monday 1 May 2023