Reading Together® at St Teresa's School Featherston

The following August 2017 comments regarding the Reading Together® programme at St Teresa's School Featherston are sourced from here:

Reading Together® is a research-based programme that helps parents/whānau give effective support for their child's reading. We have had great success with this programme over the last 3 years and this term, we will be running another series of 4 workshops led by Rebecca Griffin.

Here's what one of our parents said:
"For anyone thinking of doing this workshop. I did it last year and I found it really valuable. It has definitely given us the tools to support both our children and has made homework time a far more relaxed and enjoyable time of day. We are really lucky to have this workshop available to us, so if you think you and your kids need some help with home time reading. We definitely recommend it!!!"
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Posted: Friday 18 August 2017