Reading Together® at Stratford Primary School

The following 5 May 2021 comments regarding the Reading Together® programme are sourced from the Stratford Primary School Facebook page here:

On Monday 10th May we will begin our reading programme for junior parents. This is a fun programme with an emphasis being on increasing enjoyment with home reading and building strong connections between children, parents, home and school.

The following excerpt is sourced from the 16 April 2021 letter inviting parents/caregivers to participate in Reading Together®, available on the Stratford Primary School Facebook page:

The Reading Together® workshops will lead to:
  • Gains in reading being sustained over time.
  • Gains spreading to older siblings.
  • Parents and whānau gaining confidence and competence in helping their children's reading at home.
  • Stronger learning partnerships between parents/children/schools/community-based partners.
  • Children more effectively engaged in their learning across the curriculum.

The following 17 June 2021 comments (with photos available) are sourced from the Stratford Primary School Facebook page here:

Reading Together®
This week was the final session of our Reading Together® programme. Our amazing mums/whānau received their certificates for their valuable contributions and participation in this programme. Special thank you to Kate Fairhurst from the Stratford Library who came and shared her knowledge around books with us.
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Posted: Wednesday 23 June 2021