Reading Together® at Tawhai Primary School

The following 16 August 2019 comments regarding the Reading Together® programme at Tawhai Primary School are sourced from the 'Reading Together® programme' webpage, available here:

This term we will be running our very successful Reading Together® programme which is now in its third year. ... We all know how important reading is for children to succeed. One of the things that really helps children to become good readers is support from home. The Reading Together® workshops will provide you with practical strategies for you to use at home.

November 2019

Quoting from the 'Parent Reading Workshop' webpage, available here:

This year we ran another successful series of Reading Together® workshops with 13 parents attending the 4 sessions. These workshops provide parents opportunities to develop some strategies to help their children with reading at home. They are informative and interactive and are designed to help make reading a positive experience at home. Well done to all of you for completing the programme and graduating with honours. We will be running these workshops again next year.

October 2020

Quoting from the 'Term 4, Week 3 2020 News Update', available here:

Last Wednesday evening we had our final Reading Together® workshop. Dave Whiteman and Janette Page facilitated these sessions with a group of amazing parents who now have a variety of ways they can support their child's reading at home. Thanks Dave and Janette for giving up your evenings, Rosa for supervising child care and of course our parents who came along.
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Posted: Friday 30 October 2020