Reading Together® at Te Kāhui Ako o Taranaki Mohoao

The following comments from parents about the Reading Together® programme are sourced from a slideshow on Te Kāhui Ako o Taranaki Mohoao Reading Together® webpage:

It has helped me with the way I speak to her.

Their confidence has improved.

It's made him more confident and willing to try.

It's given me more confidence as well as my child.

My child wants to read more.

It's helped me to understand how children process reading.

It has refreshed our enjoyment of reading.

I feel I'm a closer parent with my children.

I've learned we all have different things that help us focus more.

Not correcting them all the time has helped their confidence.

It's been good for bonding as we are not stressing about the little things.

We now have individual time together.

Note: Information about Te Kāhui Ako o Taranaki Mohoao is available here.

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Posted: Wednesday 2 August 2023