Reading Together® at Te Kura Reo Rua o Waikirikiri

Comments from Te Kura Reo Rua o Waikirikiri (posted on 30 April 2019, available here) after their implementation of the Reading Together® programme:

A huge thank you to the whānau that attended the Reading Together® programme. Thank you Koka Manny for taking to tautoko our babies and Miss Koopu for looking after the tamariki in order to run the programme. Extra thanks to Koka Rangi and Matua who came to talk about facilities for whānau at the HB William's Library. Koka Josie, Koka Tewai and Miss Koopu.

Evie Nevaeh Ataahua-Rogers: Was good for us as a family to help each other with reading at home.


Te Kura Reo Rua o Waikirikiri have been running the Reading Together® programme and "have had some amazing results with the students achievement and also a boost in confidence with reading" (source: 28 June 2015 comment available here).

Te Kura Reo Rua o Waikirikiri has produced a poster regarding their second series of Reading Together® workshops, and it is well worth a look here. For example, whānau feedback includes:

Highly recommend to any other parents of Te Kura Reo Rua o Waikirikiri, it has given me the skills to help my children become positive learners.
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Posted: Thursday 8 August 2019