Reading Together® programme in New Zealand Curriculum

The Reading Together® programme is mentioned in the New Zealand Curriculum. Excerpts follow from the relevant New Zealand Curriculum webpage:

Planning and teaching for equitable outcomes for all ākonga

Te Mātaiaho | the refreshed NZ curriculum aims to be a curriculum that is underpinned by the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, has a bicultural foundation, and values mātauranga Māori. It recognises, affirms, and supports the learning of ākonga of all languages, cultures, abilities, and talents. It provides ākonga with coherence and continuity across the transitions in their schooling, and it is balanced in promoting their cognitive, physical, aesthetic, cultural, creative, social, and emotional development.

Effective teaching practice in literacy is foundational for ākonga success at all phases of learning and across all areas of learning. It is also complex. ...

Home, school, and community collaborations

Reading together

Stuart McNaughton’s research (2020) indicates that parental/caregiver/whānau involvement is influential. Programmes that promote specific involvement activities add value to both shorter- and longer-term learning outcomes at school. The process of learning to read can be enhanced when children take home books from school and parents listen to them practising. 

Te Pānui Ngātahi Reading Together® programme helps whānau support reading more effectively at home.

For such programmes to be successful, whānau need to receive guidance from the school, and books must be carefully selected.

Posted: Tuesday 5 September 2023