What school librarians wish parents knew

The Spinoff has published an article (on 30 March 2017) by Sarah Forster titled 'What school librarians wish parents knew', available here. An excerpt from the article:

They know that reading is a family activity.
"I organise and run the Reading Together® programme for whānau," says Kimberley, the South Auckland librarian. "This is a nationwide reading programme which helps show families the importance of reading to and with family members. It is a 4 week programme with families attending weekly sessions at school. We open the library up for membership and families are able to borrow an unlimited amount of resources. It is really lovely watching the progress and even the relationships within families changing from the simple act of reading to and with their children."

24 April 2017 Update
Additional information is available in 'School Librarians of Aotearoa: Kimberley Atkinson', available here.

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Posted: Monday 3 April 2017