A message to Librarians regarding Reading Together®

Community librarians play an essential role in the implementation of Reading Together®, and they have supported the programme throughout New Zealand since it was first developed in 1982.

As explained in the Reading Together®: Workshop Leader's Handbook, the role of the librarians includes participating in Workshop One; providing ongoing support to children, parents and whānau during and beyond the Reading Together workshops; and hosting Workshop Four collaboratively - with a school - in the community library (if possible).

A librarian supporting Reading Together in low-decile city schools noted that:

The public library has a supportive role, strengthening partnerships with both whānau and schools, sharing knowledge, providing a diverse range of quality resources and fostering lifelong learning.
Highlighted is the need for specific collections within libraries catering for children with reading difficulties or who are reluctant to read.
The programme challenges the traditional public perception of libraries, raising their profile as an invaluable, non-threatening 'vibrant' community resource accessible by all.

Posted: Monday 5 March 2012