A message to School Leaders regarding Reading Together®

The implementation of Reading Together® has been strengthened in recent years by the increasingly active role taken by school leaders. In spite of the many pressures they face, principals, DPs and APs have become directly involved in the processes of engaging and supporting parents/whānau, teachers and librarians who are participating in Reading Together.

The ongoing support of senior leaders has significant benefits for families, teachers and for their schools. Sections 2 and 4 of the Reading Together®: Workshop Leader's Handbook include information about the role of school leaders.

Liz Horgan MNZM, Principal of St Joseph's School Otahuhu, is one among many principals who provide informed and effective support for the implementation of Reading Together in their schools, and the message of support their participation gives is very important to families.

If you are interested in the model of leadership which Liz Horgan provides, please see the Ministry of Education's 2007 research report available here.

Posted: Monday 5 March 2012