Adopt collaborative approaches that have the most positive impact

Inclusive Education is a NZ Ministry of Education initiative available on TKI, offering practical guidance for Aotearoa teachers and educational leaders.

One of the Guides available is 'Collaborative planning for learning', which has a section titled 'Adopt collaborative approaches that have the most positive impact', available here. Excerpts from this section follow:

Build bridges and remove barriers

"I think looking ahead to the future, this is the way to do learning. To combine school and whānau. If you remove the barriers and make it accessible in an environment that is safe like a marae, then it sets a platform for things."

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Invest in joint learning with whānau

Joint interventions have the greatest impact of all approaches.

They help parents or other community members support student learning and wellbeing.

They also engage teachers in professional learning and development.

For example:

Posted: Thursday 19 November 2020