Early Reading Together® at Hay Park School

The following 24 June 2019 comments regarding the Early Reading Together® programme at Hay Park School are sourced from here:

Hay Park Primary School invited our Playgroup whānau to join them in the Early Reading Together® programme, a programme which helps parents/whānau of young children (babies to 5 and 6 year olds) to support their children's language and literacy development.
Here's what some of our whānau thought:
"The Early Reading Workshop was fantastic! Thank you for running this free workshop!"
"I got some great tips on how to interact with my children through reading."
"I was reminded how difficult it is for a child learning to read... Awesome workshop."
"A very useful workshop to learn how to read to my children."

Comments from a 30 June 2019 post sourced from here:

Last week Hay Park Playgroup completed the final session of the Early Reading Together® programme at Mt Roskill Library. We met with the Children's Librarian, Marion, who showed us around and highlighted the amazing resources that are available for children and whānau.
Did you know:
* It's free to join the library, even babies can have their very own library card. ...

November 2017

The following Nov 2017 comment regarding the Early Reading Together® programme at Hay Park School is available via here:

A helpful and informative workshop, thank you!

The following 22 Nov 2017 comment is sourced from here:

A special thanks to Hay Park School who invited some of our Playgroup Whānau to be part of their Early Reading Together® programme. We have had some lovely feedback including this message from Nazia:
"I loved it, it was great to learn new strategies about reading to kids, I have been reading to my kids daily even more since then and we enjoy it a lot Smile" (Hay Park Playgroup Parent).
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Posted: Tuesday 16 July 2019