Make your child smarter - start reading together early

Quoting from a 24 Nov 2019 My ECE Facebook post:

Make your child smarter - start reading together early. Research from the Growing Up in NZ study shows that parents reading with their child makes a big difference to their child's language and number skills by the time their child is 4.6 years.
But with your child in ECE for 6 or more hours a day how is a parent to learn the how, why, what, ... of reading?
Does your service provide workshops to inspire and support parents on early reading and literacy?
Early Reading Together® workshops for parents and teaching guides

Excerpts from My ECE webpage Early Reading Together® workshops for parents and teaching guides:

Supporting parents who want to give their child the best environment at home for developing language and early reading skills is the Early Reading Together® programme.

This programme has a sound basis in research and practice, and the New Zealand Ministry of Education and the ChildForum Early Childhood Network both validate its quality.

Early childhood services and schools can provide the programme for parents, and it is usually implemented by junior school teachers and/or experienced early childhood educators along with a librarian from their local community library.

Parents attend 3 short workshops of 1 hour and 15 minutes spread over 3 weeks. At these workshops parents are given information and have opportunity to find out how learning language and reading seems from a child's point-of-view and what they can do to best help a child.

Participation in the programme is open to any parent and does not depend on a parent's reading ability, language, culture or socio-economic background.

It is a friendly and enjoyable programme that is very manageable for ECE services and schools to provide and that gives parents the right information and insights they need to enhance their child's language and early reading development.

Posted: Tuesday 17 December 2019