Reading for wellbeing (hauora)

The National Library Services to Schools has published an article titled 'Reading for wellbeing (hauora)', available here. Extracts from the article follow:

The benefits of reading for pleasure extend beyond increased educational outcomes to improved wellbeing, health, and connections with others.

What is wellbeing?

There's no set definition of wellbeing, but hauora — a Māori concept of health — provides a holistic framework to use. This framework encompasses 4 dimensions of health:

  • taha tinana — physical wellbeing
  • taha hinengaro — mental and emotional wellbeing
  • taha whānau — social wellbeing
  • taha wairua — spiritual wellbeing

Reading improves wellbeing (hauora)

Reading for pleasure has been shown to impact all 4 dimensions of health. It slows cognitive decline and enhances:

  • life satisfaction
  • relationships
  • coping skills
  • attitudes to, and engagement with, learning

It allows imaginations to flourish and enhances empathy. It also reduces stress and brings a greater understanding of self and others. In short, it has the power to transform lives.

Builds empathy and connections

Empathy lies at the foundation of compassion, social skills, and relationships. It's particularly important for children and young people as they develop their sense of self and others.

Posted: Tuesday 30 July 2019