Reading Together® at Malfroy School

The following extracts are from the 'Malfroy School Curriculum' webpage, available here:

At Malfroy School we also offer the Reading Together® programme to the parents and families. Reading Together® is a successful research-based group programme for parents and caregivers and has been running at Malfroy School since 2009. It is designed to enable parents to help their children with reading at home. ...

At Malfroy School we strive to deliver the best programmes we can in order to achieve high literacy rates amongst our students. We are committed to their future.

The following comments are from parents/caregivers who have participated in the Reading Together® programme (sourced from the 25 July 2019 Malfroy School Newsletter, available here):

"She's more confident and keen to read."
"I'm more patient now."
"He's gone up 2 reading levels."
"We don't get frustrated anymore."
"All parents should do it!"
"He can't wait to read to me now."
"I can help him to work out the hard words now."

The following comments are from the Malfroy School Reading Together® alert for March 2021, available here:

Our Reading Together® programme starts tomorrow, Tuesday 2 March.
Bring the kids & meet Tessa Threadgill. Find out how to take the stress out of home reading, to make it fun so they'll want to read!
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Posted: Monday 8 March 2021