Reading Together® at Pukehina School

The Te Puke Times has published an article titled 'Parents embrace Reading Together programme' (17 May 2012). Extracts from the article follow:

There has been a real "buzz" in the staffroom on evenings at Pukehina School during the recent week, with parents and their children and two teachers engrossed in books, learning from each other and enjoying themselves in the process.
Parents have been learning ways to help their children read, as well as discovering what the school has to offer their families.
Parents have been very keen to learn, because they want what parents always want for their children - the best in education and care.
Parents have encouraged each other to make the effort to come, sharing transport and providing transport for those who need it.
The workshops are part of Reading Together, a high-impact programme that provides parents with strategies to support their children's reading at home. ...
All students at Pukehina School are achieving at and above the National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics which was verified by the Education Review team when they visited the school recently.
Our parents were keen to learn how to support their children more.
Teachers at the school aim [to] instil in children a love of learning for life, so they can be active, involved members of our society, connected to their whānau, so they grow up really confident.
This is what the New Zealand Curriculum states and is based on Pukehina School's home-school partnership.
"It is like a triangle," says Michele North, the principal. "It's the students, teachers, and whānau. That's what makes our student achievement so effective."
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Posted: Monday 16 July 2012