Reading Together® at Wymondley Road School

The following 16 June 2019 comments regarding the Reading Together® programme at Wymondley Road School are sourced from Facebook, available here:


This year we are excited to be offering the world renowned highly regarded Reading Together® workshops at Wymondley Road School. Whānau are invited to participate in our relaxed and informal workshop series that is shown to advance your child's reading progress. These workshops have been delivered at other schools in New Zealand with overwhelmingly positive reviews from families.
Attend all 4 workshops and go into the draw to win a $100 Book Voucher.

Note: International Citations for Reading Together® - including OECD and UNESCO - are available here.

The following comments from Robyn Wills (Year 5/6 Teacher) about the implementation of Reading Together® at Wymondley Road School are sourced from Twitter, available here. Note: Comments from Belinda Whyte (a teacher in NZ) are also included, sourced from here.

11 April 2019: We are honouring our first Reading Together® Graduates at our assembly this morning! It's been such an amazing journey to go on with them! Can't wait to do it again in Term 2.
Belinda Whyte: You're doing it every term? Yay!
11 April 2019: At the moment, yes, and we are looking at bringing in the Early Reading Together® programme too. It's been soooo powerful. Even just for getting a love of reading (that was our goal!!) into our whānau's homes more than improving reading.
Belinda Whyte: That's the key goal I think! Anything else is a bonus and will come anyway, I believe. And there is research to back that up! Relatively inexpensive initiative too...

23 May 2019: Another successful Reading Together® session last night... love helping our whānau engage with their tamariki and pukapuka!!!

19 June 2019: I'm looking forward to our last Reading Together® for this term tonight... love seeing how much our parents get into it! And now we have our Parent Pukapuka, our parents are reading for themselves too!! Win, win...

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Posted: Monday 12 August 2019