Reading Together® at Kamo Primary School

NZ Reading Forum (Vol. 29, No. 2, 2014) has published an article titled 'Our Experience with the Reading Together Programme' (pp 32-34), written by Jane Bowker, AP at Kamo Primary and Rosemary Hamer, Reading Recovery Teacher at Kamo Primary. Excerpts from the article follow (from p.34):

We believe that the Reading Together Programme has been beneficial to all participants.
The parents reported in their written feedback that home reading had become a far more relaxed and pleasant experience. They now knew how to help their children with their reading. They appreciated the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other parents. The parents also reported that they now understood more about the reading levels and progression through the levels.
The children who attended enjoyed the social interactions and were pleased to receive the containers of books that we supplied to the families. Parents commented that everyone in the family was reading more now and devouring the books we had supplied.
We felt as teachers that we established strong and positive links with the families. There was a warmth and informality that developed between all participants.
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Posted: Tuesday 5 August 2014