Reading Together® at Yaldhurst Model School

Excerpts follow from the Yaldhurst Model School Newsletter 31 August 2020, available here:


This year (term 4) we are running another series of Reading Together® workshops for parents at Yaldhurst Model School.

These workshops are fun and friendly sessions that provide you with great tips on how to support your child's reading at home. Once your child learns to successfully read they can then read to learn, which gives your child the skills to be lifelong learners. Good support from home is essential for children to gain a love of reading and become successful readers.

The Reading Together® workshops will provide information on the process of learning to read and specific ways that you can enhance the way you support your child at home.

Feedback from previous workshop participants:

  • Reading is now a lot more relaxed and enjoyable.
  • The kids now have fun.
  • It gave a good insight into how they learn to read.
  • I enjoyed learning about community reading programmes that are close to home.
  • It's been a great help. Very valuable.

Important Note: The Yaldhurst Model School Newsletter incorrectly says that the Reading Together® programme consists of four workshops each 45 minutes long, when in fact the four workshops (spread over seven weeks) are 75 minutes long, as detailed here.

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Posted: Thursday 10 September 2020